October 15, 2021: Redistricting, fed aid to TRS healthcare, trans sports bill; Gov. 再次进入疫苗战


在周二立法机关第三次特别会议结束之前, the GOP leadership is hoping to push through bills that would discriminate against transgender student athletes, 从联邦刺激基金中拨款160亿美元, 重新划分州议会选区, 参议院, 国会, 和国家教育委员会的地图. Gov. Greg Abbott also added a new item to the special session agenda that would ban any vaccine mandates in the state, 包括那些由私人雇主设立的.

抗议者的幽灵形象, 一个蓝色背景上写着“变性人权利就是人权”的牌子正在举着. 下面金色文字:站出来反对霸凌,尤其是来自德克萨斯州立法机构的霸凌经过几个小时的家长和教育工作者的激情证词,他们团结起来反对 HB 25, the bill that bars transgender students from competing on sports teams consistent with their gender identities, 众议院以76比54通过了二读,现在将提交参议院. This harmful bill would force teachers to enforce state-mandated discrimination and deny students their Title IX rights.

在众议院投票之前, 德州尾 urged educators to take a stand against bullying of students based on their gender identity—including a plea from one of our teacher members outlining just how hurtful this legislation has already become to some of our students. 他的信的开头是, “Mr. 莱特,为什么我自己的州讨厌我?”

Redistricting continues on path to unfairly draw maps that take power from people of color
周二, the House approved a newly drawn map for its own 150 districts after 16 hours of debate and consideration of more than 50 amendments. 辩论主要集中在如何划分该州的城市地区, but changes were also made to districts in the Rio Grande Valley and Central Texas. Despite the fact that only 5% of the state’s population growth over the past 10 years came from white people, the number of districts in which white people are the majority of the population increased from 83 to 89 districts. White people account for roughly 40% of the state’s population but make up a majority population in nearly 60% of the state’s House districts in the new map. 该地图在众议院以83票赞成、63票反对获得通过,并将提交给参议院.

This week the House Redistricting Committee approved new maps for the State Board of Education, 州参议院, and U.S. 美国国会选区. Many people who showed up at the Capitol to testify against these maps stated they dilute the votes of people of color. The House is scheduled to debate the 参议院 和国家教育委员会的地图 on the floor today. (有关SBOE选区重划的详情,请参阅下文.)

今天,众议院也将举行辩论 SB 8, the 参议院’s plan to distribute $16 billion in federal coronavirus relief dollars. The version passed by the 参议院 allocated over $286 million to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), 但众议院拨款委员会从法案中删除了这笔资金, 而是把它包含在 HB 160这一点今天也将被考虑. 这笔钱将直接用于TRS-Care和TRS-ActiveCare, 全州在职和退休教师的保险计划, with the legislative intent that premiums not increase as a result of coronavirus-related claims incurred before September 1, 2021.







塞尔吉奥·里拉站在讲台上作证看塞吉奥里拉-休斯敦教师联合会成员, 以前的老师, 主要, and Houston ISD trustee— tell legislators that proposed SBOE maps will unfairly take electoral power from people of color.

The Texas 立法机关 may take power away from communities of color for the next decade when the House is expected to vote today on new maps for State Board of Education (SBOE) districts laid out in SB 7参议院已经通过了该法案.

如果立法机关批准了这些地图, we will lose diverse representation on our highest elected body for public education. 为什么这很重要? 这种重新划分对你和你的学校有什么影响? 下面是SBOE的工作:

  • 设置教师所教的课程
  • 评价教学材料
  • 建立了毕业要求
  • 决定是否应该建立新的特许学校
  • 管理公立学校基金
  • 批准所有影响教师资格认证的规则

提议的地图并不能很好地代表德州人的肤色, 特别是在城市和郊区地区. Because 95% of the past decade’s population growth in Texas has been in communities of color, 澳门新葡新京官方网站公立学校的绝大多数学生都是有色人种. 照目前的情况来看,新地图在 SB 7 不公正划分选区和不具代表性. Public school kids and families need educational leadership that can represent their needs.




州长又发布了一项禁止接种疫苗的行政命令, 在特别会议议程中增加议题

Gov. 格雷格·阿博特在新闻发布会上做手势周一,政府. Greg Abbott issued an order prohibiting any “entity” from requiring vaccinations for “any individual,包括“雇员和消费者”.” That directive would cover private employers and school districts—including banning required vaccinations for school employees and students. This order is a reversal of course for the governor as he had explicitly stated private businesses should be allowed to mandate vaccines as recently as August. 同样在周一,总督将这一项目列入特别会议议程,

Abbott’s directive bumps against President Joe Biden’s executive order from last month mandating all employers with 100 or more workers to require vaccinations or a weekly 新型冠状病毒肺炎 test. 虽然对疫苗的需求并不普遍, a handful of school districts and employers have begun requiring them for their workers. Abbott’s directive is yet another ill-advised edict that runs counter to giving entities flexibility in maintaining safe workplaces.

周四, the State Supreme Court put a halt to San Antonio ISD’s requirement for all its staff and eligible students to be vaccinated (with exemptions allowed for medical and religious reasons). 该地区要求的截止日期本应是今天. 法院的意见没有对区议会授权的合法性产生影响, but instead clarified what was allowed until legal battles over Abbott’s orders are resolved.

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The Bridges Institute will be hosting the Mindfulness Essentials series via Zoom next month. 这个系列赛从周三开始,并将在每周三下午6点继续.m. 7:30 p.m.在9月和10月. These free instructive webinars will help participants better understand their mind and emotions. CPE学分将以每小时参加计算. 在这里报名参加网络研讨会.

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