8月. 16, 2021: Districts defy governor’s mask order; 立法机关 still in uncertain waters as Capitol floods from downpour

Districts revolt against governor’s order on masks

Red duotone of Gov. Abbott holding both hands straight forward sitting next to Mike Morath上周,澳门新葡新京官方网站看到了一系列的诉讼和法律手段,主要城市学区开始公开反对政府. Greg Abbott’s prohibition of mask mandates. 奥斯丁, 休斯顿, 圣安东尼奥, 沃斯堡, and Dallas ISDs are now requiring masks on campuses for all students, 工作人员, 和游客. While county judge orders on mask mandates in Dallas, 哈里斯, 特拉维斯, and Bexar counties would affect all districts in those counties, some districts are enacting mask requirements, while others are waiting for clarification from courts.

澳门新葡新京官方网站也开始在拉霍亚等较小的地区看到口罩需求, Del Valle, 和圣马科斯. Many other school districts have openly stated they are considering the move. 这些需求与德尔塔型新型冠状病毒肺炎感染激增和住院人数惊人上升有关, including significantly more unvaccinated children, with a resulting shortage of hospital beds.

与此同时, 阿伯特和司法部长肯·帕克斯顿将各县和地区带到法院,阻止口罩要求, 而一些地区和县正准备起诉阿博特的行政命令. Paxton indicated he would seek to uphold the governor’s orders at the Texas Supreme Court. And late Sunday, that court issued a stay on the mask mandates in Dallas and Bexar counties. 达拉斯ISD负责人Michael Hinojosa说,他的地区将继续要求佩戴口罩,因为该裁决并不针对该地区. Bexar County officials also are continuing their mask mandate.

德克萨斯大学AFT分校校长泽夫·卡波表示,各学区必须继续坚守安全防线,直到所有学生都接种疫苗. 这位州长继续他那随意而危险的痴迷于愚蠢的口号“个人责任”,仅仅是为了获得政治分数,” Capo said in a statement Sunday evening. “澳门新葡新京官方网站有责任为公众的最大利益行事,尽澳门新葡新京官方网站所能保护彼此的安全. 这意味着要尊重当地学区官员的安全决定以及他们试图遵循的专家健康指导.” (Read the full statement here.)

U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona weighed in Friday with a letter to the governor and Education Commissioner Mike Morath 声明州长禁止戴口罩的命令和TEA说不需要追踪合同的指导可能违反联邦法律. 卡多纳在信中指出,联邦政府对德州地区的疫情援助要求报告学生如何安全返回校园, with a heavy emphasis on following CDC guidelines. (目前,这些指导方针要求所有学校学生、工作人员和访客使用口罩.)

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德州尾 continues its campaign for local decisions on masks, air quality improvements, and increasing vaccinations

photo text: What if a child dies on my watch? 照片:有人在电脑屏幕上观看学校董事会会议上老师的视频证词.
This is an unnerving time in Texas, where 新型冠状病毒肺炎 cases are up 134% in the past two weeks. Faced with an average of 12,000 new cases on average each day, our governor and state leaders are not responding, and they’re trying to hamstring local efforts to protect our communities.

How you can help keep us all safe? Here are four ways:

1. 记录一段视频 & Share Your Story

在任何有关学校安全的讨论中,都必须听取教育工作者和学校员工的意见. We need to hear from you about why you continue to wear masks, why you decided to get vaccinated, and what you want state leaders to know. Follow this link on your phone or computer to record video responses to these three questions.

带着彩色图案面具的妇女工会成员双手叉腰凝视着夕阳Watch our video ad on YouTube. (西班牙语)

2. 森d a Letter to the Governor

政府是否. Abbott will listen or not, 重要的是,澳门新葡新京官方网站选出的官员在这个问题和其他所有问题上听取澳门新葡新京官方网站的意见. Take 2 minutes to send an e-letter, 敦促州长恢复对学区的地方控制,以保护他们的社区,而不必担心报复.

3. 推特 Your 支持

Elected officials and state leaders check 推特 constantly. You can tweet your support for masking and vaccines using this link.

4. Add a Frame to Your 脸谱网 Profile

Visibility is solidarity. 通过在你的个人资料照片上添加一个框架来显示你对面具的承诺, are masked and vaccinated, or are ready to fight for a safe back-to-school season.


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立法机关 still running without one chamber, but 森ate passes bills on voter suppression, transgender youth sports, and controversial curriculum

森留下的照片:. Alvarado speaking at her desk. Right photo: Alvarado's sneaker shoe under her desk森. Carol Alvarado dons her sneakers for a filibuster. 照片: Miguel Gutierrez Jr./The Texas Tribune

Water rushes down the inside hallway at the Texas Capitol extensionIn the past few days, 澳门新葡新京官方网站已经看到民主党人从华盛顿回来了(而其他人承诺留下来),逮捕令对所有缺席的议员的家,因为离开德克萨斯州和打破法定人数——所有这些都是在未来有争议的重新划分选区的会议迫在眉睫的时候. 这使得第二次立法特别会议仍然悬而未决。especially with flooding in the Capitol Sunday), with only the 森ate reaching a quorum to conduct business so far.

参议院的共和党人继续走着破坏性的立法之路,通过了选民压制法案和他们所说的禁止“批判性种族理论”的法案.” SB 1, which would decrease access to voting, passed 18-11 (on party lines, with Democrats opposed) Thursday after a 15-hour filibuster by 森. Carol Alvarado (D-休斯顿) intended to highlight objections to the bill.

On Wednesday, the 森ate passed SB 3 18-11 (on party lines, with Democrats opposed). 该法案被州长和共和党议员列为“批判种族理论”的禁令. Also on Wednesday, the 森ate passed SB 2, 它歧视跨性别学生,强迫他们用出生时的“生理性别”来决定在哪里比赛.

Alejandro Lopez sitting at 森ate desk giving testimony.Watch Alejandra Lopez, 圣安东尼奥 Alliance president, testify against SB 3 (“批判种族理论”法案)周二在参议院国家事务委员会.

Last week the 森ate passed SB 15, a bill on virtual education, 修正案为教育工作者提供了一些保护,使他们免受面对面授课和虚拟课堂同时进行的影响,并将截止日期定为2023年. 然而, the bill still lacks many other protections for students and teachers, such as class size ratios. 推动为学生和家长提供更多虚拟选择的主要原因是,家长和教师担心,在疫情不会消失的情况下,返回学校不安全. “What educators want most is safety and required mask wearing by children, especially those not yet eligible for a vaccine,” said 德州尾 President Zeph分支头目.”

(你可以 see our past coverage on these bills on our website)

Census data released Thursday signals a legislative fight ahead, 议员们将再次召开特别会议,为国会和立法地区绘制地图. 民主党人将指出,城市/郊区地区的人口将会增加,而他们在这些地区的选票传统上表现良好, 而共和党则打算利用他们对选举过程的控制来获得新的选举席位.



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PHoto: Towering Statue of Liberty Text: Together we rise citizenship Clinich德州尾 unions in the Valley will hold citizenship clinics in 8月ust

澳门新葡新京官方网站在里约热内卢格兰德山谷的地方工会将于8月28日在麦卡伦共同主办一个公民诊所. “一起崛起”诊所将帮助永久居民获得完全公民身份. Applicants must attend an informational forum before the clinic. Find all the details here.


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